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Dr. Thierry Jacquemin Discuss How He Helps His Patients Look and Feel Their Bes

Dr.Thierry helps people live healthy active lives. As a board-certified internist, he can help all ages look and feel their best. His prime demographic is executives, police officers, firefighters, professional fighters, celebrities, housewives, models and hardworking people who want to feel better, think better, look better and perform better professionally.

I sat down with Dr. Thierry to learn more about how he helps his patients.

What is the main thing that separates you from other medical aesthetic and wellness clinics in your area?

I take the approach of it not being just about better skin or being bigger or leaner or whatever. We get super motivated, productive patients in the clinic. Many of them are in overall good shape between the ages of 30 and 50 looking to squeeze every little bit out of their lives professionally and personally.

What type of conditions do you help your patients with?

In addition to the medical aesthetic procedures like Botox and fillers, I do a lot of body recomposition. This includes diet, nutrition, and supplementation. I also do quite a bit of sexual health for men and women. Patients will come to me feeling like, their sex drive isn’t as it was 10 years ago or their performance isn’t as good as it was 10 years ago. I also help them get more out of their work-out routine. I have clients come to me that work out every day but are not getting the results they did a few years ago. I preach the importance of good proper screening and preparation. I always tell people that at the end of the day, all we’re doing with preventative medicine is playing in the field of probabilities and the things that you can control with your health. Control what you can control, your environment, what you feed yourself, your brain, your body. Do everything so that you tilt the needle in your favor as much as possible. That’s the core approach we take here.

I will often get people who have been through two or three different doctors and sometimes they’ve seen a specialist or they’ve done questionnaires online perhaps and they will come to me and say” I think I have this problem, or I think, you know, my testosterone is low” or whatever the case may be. And then they go through the mainstream medical system and the system sort of chews them up and spits them out. They see somebody who doesn’t know much about it and tells them well, you know, you don’t have to check it, don’t worry about it. It can take multiple visits for their doctor to agree to perform needed tests and in the meantime, their poor quality of life continues. Relationships are harmed, their job could be in jeopardy due to lack of productivity at work. All of this could have been avoided by actually testing hormone levels in the first place. Once the hormones are balanced, people come back a couple of months later with a bottle of champagne for me and they tell me I saved their marriage or saved their career. We’ve turned around the lives of a lot of amazing people that just needed to be looked at and listened to. It happens all the time.

How do you begin the health assessment?

The approach I take is fairly broad. It’s everything from basic examinations of people, talking to them and getting a sense of what their expectation is out of life, what their circumstances are, what they’ve been through health-wise. Mental, physical, and then usually I want to see their blood work. I’m looking at the more common things and then looking at the not so common things. Common things like making sure the heart is fine kidney and liver are fine, to the more complicated or complex things like vitamin levels, inflammatory markers, hormones. I take all the results and create a plan to optimize. It’s not necessarily always medication. It just supplements, sometimes it’s lifestyle changes or some minor tweaks in terms of sleep hygiene, better routines, diet changes, etc.

What kind of objections do you get from your patients?

South Florida is like the hub of healthcare fraud and shenanigans so often, people are concerned about getting scammed, especially the more educated, more aware crowd. People are wicked smart these days and they can spot quackery whether medical or otherwise from a mile away. They also want to know that the doctor who is treating them is qualified so I will have conversations with them and put their mind at ease. On the more practical side, it’s usually some variation of, “well, you know, I’ve been through this clinic, this doctor, this thing and it did not help”. Some people are just disillusioned. They feel like they have been treated like a number at other clinics. It’s like, come in and then get out, get in, get out so they don’t expect the kind of personalized care they get when visiting my clinic. Sit down and sip an espresso kind of care, where I take the time necessary to get to know them and understand the big picture around their health goals and current situation. My practice is designed that way. It’s not designed for volume. It’s designed for me to get to know and understand my patient’s needs. I enjoy interacting with people and making them feel welcome and part of the family. My patients are pleasantly surprised because they’re expecting to be in and out in four minutes like the last doctor they visited.

I just want to make my mark and help people live better lives. I want my patients and all the people who walk through the door to living their best life and to get the same flavor out of life that I get. I want them to feel awesome. I want them to perform great. I want their brains to be awesome. I want them to be happy. I think if you keep that as your North star, then you give the same way. I manage people’s health, the way I manage mine and the way I want to live my life.

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